Magento Extension Advanced Reviews

Product reviews became a must for any eCommerce site in order to raise conversions and boost SEO rankings. Besides that, having user-generated content can naturally expand your organic keyword footprint as well. Many studies show that even negative reviews are very helpful because they increase trust in your site. Increase your customers’ trust in your brand with our advanced reviews extension for Magento 2 stores by responding to their reviews you will attract new customers that are looking for the best matching products.

Ninety (90%) of online customers read reviews before deciding to get a new product, merchants try to find solutions for unsatisfied customers, by replacing the product, giving a voucher, etc. But what happens when new customers read the first negative review without knowing that you found a satisfying solution for the writers? what if you were able to respond to these reviews and show your interest in front of new visitors?

Thank your satisfied customers for their feedback and show your offered solutions to unsatisfied customers by answering to their reviews, our extension will allow you to respond to each review. With the image upload feature, a customer can attach an image with the real product adding more trust to your brand and catalog, by this new customers will trust your products by confirming they are typically the ones presented in the images.

You can also edit or remove the review attached image from the admin before approval. The daily review limit can be activated and configured to prevent spam users from flooding your store with fake reviews, or if you are offering a discount coupon to encourage customers giving feedbacks by adding reviews to their ordered products. You can enable or disable any of the features, depending on your needs.

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